Documentation com_wwebsurveys

Table of content

  1. Description
  2. A quick start
  3. Question types
  4. Question fields
  5. Menu parameters
  6. Results

  1. Description

    com_wwebsurveys is a Joomla 3.x component for surveys.
    One-page and multi-page surveys are supported.

  2. A quick start

    • Create a category/survey with the link on the left on the screen. A survey is in fact a category of questions.
    • Go back to the page 'questions'. Create a question via button 'new'
    • Select the type of the question, select the category/survey
    • Make a menulink to the the survey/category via 'Menu'
    • and ready ... you have now a survey with one question

  3. Question types

    Type Description
    text normal text max 255 chararacters
    textarea textarea max 64K chararacters
    radio radio field, 1 option can be selected
    checkbox check box field, more options can be selected
    pagebreak pagebreak, for use in the multipage view
    heading heading with text, no input field

  4. Question fields

    Field Description
    ID: internal recordnumber in the database
    category/survey: the category/survey the question belongs to
    ordering: the order of the questions in the survey. The ordering can also be changed via drag and drop using the 3 black squares at the left of each question. Works the same as the articles.
    helptext: when filled up a help tooltip is displayed after the question
    fieldname: the columnname in the result table
    width: only for types text and textarea, the width of the control in pixels
    options: only for types radio and checkbox, list of options separated by a CR

  5. Menu parameters

    Menu param Description
    Category/survey The category of questions. A category is a survey.
    Title The title of the survey. Leave this field empty for omitting the title.
    Intro text Introduction text just below the title. Leave this field empty for omitting the intro text.
    Check IP-address Prevent multiple submissions via 1 IP-address.
    Check User ID Prevent multiple submissions by a logged-in user.
    Only logged-in users Only logged-in users are able to fill out the survey

  6. Results

    The results can be viewed in the backend. The results of question types 'text' and 'textarea' are listed.
    The results of question types 'radio' and 'checkbox' are displayed in a pie chart.

    The results are exportable to Excel.